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3000 Connecticut Avenue

       As a company always looking to enhance environmental sustainability, Bernstein Management decided to go solar at their 3000 Connecticut Avenue property (an original Harry Wardman building).  They chose Aurora due to its depth of experience, especially in Washington DC. 

       Aurora Energy was able to design and install a system that maximized solar production with SunPower high-efficiency X-series modules.  The system will save the company over $1 million during its lifetime while preventing over 4,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, aligning the project with Bernstein’s goal of finding ways to ‘contribute to environmental sustainability in economically supportable ways.’

Annual offset equivalents:

Equal to energy used by


Carbon sequestration of

acres of forest

Saving Carbon Dioxide emissions equal to

pounds of coal burned

Source:  Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

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