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Dodon Winery/Retired Racehorse Project

      The Dodon Farm complex, home to vineyards, croplands, pastures, woodlands & a training center began looking into clean energy options in 2014. The farm, with a long history of thoroughbred training (in 1743, Dodon’s stallion Dungannon won the first formal horse race in Maryland) opted for a 100 kW system that allows for a bulk of the on-site electricity needs to be powered by the sun.

    The total generation for the site is 164.25 MWh of electricity annually, feeding any excess back into the grid.  Over the lifetime of the system, over 115 metric tons of carbon dioxide will be off-set, and $1 million in utility savings will be enjoyed by the property owners.

Annual offset equivalents:

Equal to energy used by


Carbon sequestration of

acres of forest

Saving Carbon Dioxide emissions equal to

pounds of coal burned

Source:  Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

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