Flat Roof Installation 

A flat roof installation offers flexibility for orienting and tilting the solar panels for ideal solar collection. These are generally the quickest and easiest to construct, taking only 5 to 6 weeks (or less) to complete. Equipment is moved to the roof using an overhead crane, variable reach forklift or a lift mounted to the side of the building.  The four types of flat roof installations are:

Ground or Field Installation

This type of project generally takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete, with limited disruptions to your organization’s day-to-day operations. If not already naturally secure due to being in a remote location with little public access, a work area for a field installation may need to be fenced off for safety. Before solar equipment is delivered, it may be necessary to remove vegetation and create access roads. These types of installations usually require a geological survey prior to permitting.

To ensure the array is on a stable foundation, piles are driven into the ground to support the solar equipment. Trenching for connecting cables will also be done during the installation.

Carport Installation

 A favorite among schools and public works facilities, these have rapidly gained popularity  with auto dealers as well.  They are more complex commercial solar installation projects that may take 8 to 12 weeks to complete.

Additional inspections are often required to satisfy state and federal regulations. (It may be prudent to hire your own architect to monitor holes drilled, rebar & concrete use, and steel fabrication throughout the process.)

Pre-construction demolition and post-construction patching and painting may also be necessary. While a lack of parking may be inconvenient during construction, employees will appreciate the covered spaces once the project is complete.

Pitched Roof System

This roof type can be found on a variety of commercial-sized buildings including warehouses and agricultural barns.  A  pitched roof system  lays close to the roof, working with its existing structure. It is a great option for sleek design and unobstructed solar capture.

The three different types of pitched-roof installations are:

Standing Seam

Corrugated Metal

Asphalt Shingle

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