Holiday Stables

      Holiday Stables is a horse farm and B&B located in the picture-esque Annapolis area, where horses are cared for on their 60 acres. They offer a wide array of amenities and riding options for the B&B guests that come for the fresh air & farm living. in 2015, owner Ginny Simpson decided to enhance and preserve their outdoor experience while lowering the farm’s energy costs by switching to self-producing clean energy for the stables.

     Through experienced due diligence, the Aurora team was able to understand the electricity needs and structural capacity of the stables. They designed a system utilizing SolarWorld 315W modules, offsetting all electricity use.  The clean energy it produces  will save the farm more than $350,000 over its lifetime and  prevent 42.4 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, allowing the farm do their part to ensure continued outdoor experiences for generations to come.

Annual offset equivalents:

Equal to energy used by


Carbon sequestration of

acres of forest

Saving Carbon Dioxide emissions equal to

pounds of coal burned

Source:  Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

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