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Mallick Mechanical

       In 1994, master plumber as gas-fitter Ken Mallick opened his own business, Mallick Plumbing & Heating, performing quality work in the MD/DC/VA region.  Now 25 years later, rebranded as Mallick Mechanical, Ken has over 100 employees and an extensive list of clients.  In 2011, Ken decided to turn his Woodbine location a little greener with a rooftop solar array utilizing SunPower E-series modules.

The resulting system generates almost 45 MWh of electricity per year, offsetting over 90% of the building’s energy needs while preventing over 30 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

Annual offset equivalents:

Equal to energy used by


Carbon sequestration of

acres of forest

Saving Carbon Dioxide emissions equal to

pounds of coal burned

Source:  Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

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