Why Aurora?

Our History….

More solar power hits the Earth in one hour than humans use for an entire year.  This has been the idea behind decades of slow innovation towards harnessing the sun’s power.  In essence, the sun is a massive source of unlimited energy that we have used in a variety of ways from drying clothes to growing food.  And now in our modern world of energy dependence, we can use the sun for powering our ever-growing need for electricity.  

In 1994, Dr. Fariborz Mahjouri, PE started a company with the concept that one day solar energy would be a much more dominant form of power sourcing.  Under the name Thermomax USA/Thermo Technologies, the company designed and installed hot water systems to prove the concept of solar as an energy source alternative. 

In 2007 Thermo Technologies and Aurora Energy LLC merged and the Aurora Energy, Inc. brand was created to design and install both solar thermal and electric systems.  From 2007 to 2016 Aurora Energy continued to design and install a wide variety of residential and commercial solar systems.

Today, Aurora exclusively designs and installs commercial solar.

With over 25 years’ experience in solar system engineering, the team at Aurora has seen it all!  We have come across a wide spectrum of challenges over the years.  With hard work, innovative ideas and thinking outside the box, we  have worked through these challenges to provide our customers a great product with excellent service, driving more 21st century energy production with each installation.  

Aurora looks to the future as better technologies and ever-changing energy needs shape the way we produce power

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