Pitched Roof


Standing seam roofing systems typically refer to a metal panel system using vertical bands or legs with a concealed fastener underneath raised seams.  The roofing bands are usually flat.

Metal is one of the best roofing materials to install solar on for several reasons: 

  1. Ease of installation
  2. Roof-mounted panels can shade and help cool metal roofs
  3. Since metal roofs are highly durable, they typically have a longer shelf life than even your solar array (which can last 25-30 years)


Although made of the same material as standing seam, corrugated metal is typically a thinner sheet, which makes it much less expensive. It can also be installed on top of other roofing membranes.

Since corrugated metal roofs are so prevalent, many solar mounting companies have designed equipment specifically for their use.  Even without specified equipment, a rooftop array can be easily mounted on this type of surface.


Asphalt shingle is typically found on residential roofs, although they may also be found on apartment buildings and other sloped roofing projects.  There are several reasons for its popularity: ease of installation, low cost, robust lifespan, wide variety of color & texture options.  There are two different types: organic and fiberglass.  Organic shingles are made from a paper material covered by asphalt while fiberglass is the material for the second option.

Solar can easily be installed on any asphalt shingle roof, given the pitch is not unusually steep. Measures should always be taken to avoid leakage problems, such as proper flashing and sealing when installing the racking equipment.

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