Regency Place  White Plains MD

       Randall Williams, President of Meinhardt Properties, was looking for a cleaner energy solution for his new project in White Plains, MD.   After meeting with the team at Aurora, he decided to move forward with the 89.1 kW system that included 270 Hyundai Heavy Industries HiS-S330Ti PV modules. 

       As the building was under construction, the Aurora team seamlessly installed the equipment when the roofing structure was ready.

System Size

Annual Generation

Completion Date

89.1 kW

107.36 MWh 

February 2017

Attention to detail from design to installation…..

Aurora Energy design

Installed system

Annual offset equivalents:


cars off the road

Carbon sequestration of

acres of forest

Saving Carbon Dioxide emissions equal to

gallons of gasoline consumed

Source:  Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

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